Country Times digital magazine includes stories, pictures and more content than ever before! See familiar faces of QBE NAU employees and agents, learn valuable information and stories on various areas of QBE NAU Crop Insurance.

Fall 2016 Stories

  • President Update
    • Jim Korin gives insight on the fall harvest across the country, possible market trends, commissions and our IT Product Releases.
  • Effects of Flooding in the South and Southeast
    • 2016 has brought relentless rain and catastrophic damage to the South and Southeast due to stalled low pressure systems that resembled inland tropical depressions. These storms have dumped several feet of rain in some instances.
  • New Insured Tools will Give You the Competitive Advantage!
    • Earlier this year a few agents asked us, "Is there any free technology that QBE NAU could provide to our insured' that would help set us (the agents) apart from competing agents?" We looked through our technology toolbox and found one that seemed the perfect fit, QBE NAU's EASYview Weather.
  • The Effects of California Wildfires on QBE NAU Crop Insurance
    • It's that time of year again.... California (CA) wildfire season. For those that live in California, it is an annual concern, similar to the springtime tornado season in the Midwest. California has a unique semiarid climate, making it vulnerable to wildfires on an annual basis. Our wet, rainy season occurs over the winter and spring, leaving lush grass and vegetation that dries out during the hot dry summers. This is a normal weather pattern for us

 Features also Within the 2016 Fall Edition:

  • An Opportunity to Market for Success
  • Drone Usage and Exploration
  • Executive Meetings at the Western Branch
  • Fargo Office Volunteers in Area
  • Spotlight On Our Employees
  • Precision Farming Streamlines the Reporting Process
  • IT Summit
  • GoToAssist Helps Connect You
  • ND Senator Heidi Heitkamp Attends Agent Training
  • Eau Claire Office Open House
  • Thank You from Agent

Spring 2016 Stories

  • President Update
    • Jim Korin looks back at the last few crop years touching on the industry highs and lows. Learn how QBE NAU is planning on re-igniting our people and developing a plan for future growth in 2016.
  • FAA Drone Approval
    • After two years of research and development, five years of conceptual piloting of our UAV’s and an extensive FAA approval process we have reached our goal. QBE NAU Crop Insurance received notification on March 18 that we had officially been given our exemption to fly drones for mapping and damage assessment purposes.
  • Employee Recognitions
    • Get the inside scoop on our Employee Recognitions ranging from Greg Deal’s Lifetime Achievement Award to Stacey Stidham’s QBE NAU Global Recognition.
  • QBE NAU Retirements
    • Three of our highly recognized and established Marketing Reps are hanging up their crop insurance hats and retiring this year. Read more on how they will be spending their time in retirement.

 Features Also Within The 2016 Spring Edition:

  • Agent Trip 2016
  • Flexible Training Options
  • Supporting Our Troops
  • Commodity Classic Update
  • A Life Worth Another Day
  • Congratulations Ted Cremers
  • Spotlight On Our Employees
  • Company Store

Fall 2015 Stories

  • President Update
    • Jim Korin recaps the 2015 crop year touching on crop conditions across the U.S. and how our claims and compliance staff are working hard to get payments out as quickly and efficiently as possible.
  • Greg Deal Signing Off
    • After 40 years in the crop insurance industry, Greg Deal has made the decision to take some time for himself, his family and to focus on other interests. As hard as this is to imagine for him, he's groomed and set QBE NAU in good hands with his appointed leadership.
  • Department Updates
    • Get the inside scoop on our Claims, IT and Compliance Departments.
  • We're Helping California Farmers Through The Drought
    • It's been four years running and QBE NAU's playing a major role.

 Features Also Within The 2015 Fall Edition:

  • Thank You Greg
  • Supply Order System Updates
  • 2015 QBE NAU Agent Tour Results
  • 61 Years Of Crop Experience
  • Congrats Heidi And Jennifer
  • Trade Show Updates
  • East Coast Update
  • Spotlight On Our Employees
  • 2016 Calendar Photos Wanted

Spring 2015 Stories

  • SpringCoverPresidential Update   
    • Jim takes a look back at the year behind us, comments on new prices conditions, Farm Bill changes and signs off with encouraging words for 2015!
  • Agent Trip 2015
    • Relive highlights from Aruba 2015 and learn more details on our upcoming 2016 Cancun trip.
  • Central Branch Update
    • We're sad to say Kim Gibson has announced his retirement. Ken Janicek has been transition into the role and is ready for the challenge.
  • Thank You From QBE NAU
    • We'd like to take a moment to thank you for choosing us! Thank you for trusting our services, backing our decisions and always providing valuable feedback. We're glad to be in this industry together!

Features also within the 2015 Spring Edition:

  • Women's Leadership Panel
  • QBE Executives Visit Ramsey
  • Technology Update
  • Stay Connected
  • Commodity Classic
  • Claims Update
  • QBE NAU Agent U.S. Tour
  • Spotlight On Our Employees
  • QBE NAU Open Positions