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Field Insights®: Harvest Advisor gives you the edge this harvest season

NAU Country farmers are the best resource when it comes to experience and inner knowledge of their fields and harvest timelines. Having an edge on knowing when to harvest is beneficial and can mean the difference between a loss and a profitable year. Learn how Field Insights’ Harvest Advisor can put the power of knowledge into your farmers’ hands this harvest season.

How does Harvest Advisor work?

Field Insights’ Harvest Advisor (aka "In Field Dry Down") looks at the crop’s optimum harvest moisture, along with the user’s target moisture, to project the ideal time to harvest. This feature is accessible to Farmers and Agents and can be found within Field Insights on the NAU Country mobile app or through our software systems.Harvest Advisor Field Insights - InFieldDryDown

Using the Harvest Advisor is as simple as entering in your policy number, selecting your field, and then entering in the desired target moisture percentage. Immediately, a timeline will display when the harvest date suggestion matches up with the target moisture amount.  

Let’s look at corn for example, which has an optimum harvest moisture of approximately 23% to 25% allowing for kernels to shell easier and stalks to be generally stronger. Under this harvest moisture percent, it has a normal harvest loss of 1% to 2%.

Whereas, if the farmer delays harvest until the corn dries down to 17% to 19%, he is at greater risk of harvest losses from stalk lodging and ear drop. In fact, research shows that the harvest loss could increase to as much as 2% to 8%.

After working with several claims adjusters while testing Field Insights’ Harvest Advisor, here is what Senior Vice President of Claims Mark Mossman had to say, “Harvest Advisor takes the guesswork out of harvesting…whether you aim to harvest early to minimize harvest loss percentages, or delay harvest to avoid high dry down cost for long term storage”.

Learn more by chatting with your NAU Country Marketing Representative and check out Field Insights on your computer or mobile device today! 

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