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RMA Update: Flexibilities for organic certification amid coronavirus pandemic

RMA announces flexibilities for organic producers

Given the current situation surrounding COVID-19, the United States Department of Agriculture's (USDA's) Risk Management Agency (RMA) has announced additional flexibilities for organic producers.

MGR-20-013: COVID-19 Relief for Organic Plans and Certificates Due at Acreage Reporting

  • Read the full Manager's Bulletin HERE.
  • For the 2020 crop year, approved insurance providers (AIP) may allow a producer to report acreage as certified organic, or as acreage in transition to organic, when the producer provides documentation that they have requested, in writing, a written certification or other written documentation from a certifying agent by the ARD. Producers must continue to use generally recognized organic practices in accordance with their policy.
  • Producers must notify their agent within 30 days of receiving notification from their certifying agent that their organic plan or certificate was not approved. The producer notification may be made by phone, email, text, or other electronic communication method. AIPs must document the producer’s notification. The allowances provided in Manager's Bulletin MGR 20-009 regarding producers’ signatures also apply to such notifications. If the requested certificate or plan is not approved, the acreage report and premium may be revised appropriately by the AIP when such notice is timely received from the producer.
  • Consistent with existing loss adjustment standards, AIPs must verify an organic plan or certificate is in effect for organic practices during the loss adjustment process.

Read the full release on the RMA website.

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