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Field Insights®: Spray Window Advisor

Learn all about the Spray Window Advisor feature within Field Insights

Spray Window Advisor

The Spray Window Advisor feature allows the ability to exclude and set criteria by the person who knows the field the best, the farmer. 

Let's take a look at the criteria that can be edited:

  • Wind Direction: Select wind directions to exclude
  • Air Temperature: Select the min and max temperature limits
  • Rain Free Time: Set the number of future hours without rainfall
  • Leaf Wetness: Select between “wet” or “dry” for your optimum leaf surface moisture level
  • Delta T: Set the min and max temperatures between wet and dry bulb temperatures
  • Wind Speed: Select min and max wind speed limits
  • Inversion Risk: Select between “low”, “medium”, or “high” for allowable risk of inversion
  • 24 Hr. Max Rainfall: Set the maximum rainfall amount for the next 24 hours in inches
  • Field Conditions: Select the poorest field condition in which your equipment can operate (“poor”, “marginal”, or “good”)
  • Humidity: Select the min and max humidity limits

Once the desired criteria are set, simply click the “Submit” button and you will be provided with ideal times to spray for the next five days.

Spray Window Dates

In addition, the user also has the ability to view what criteria factor for a specific day caused a certain time to meet the status of “Spray Criteria Not Met” by clicking the “View Criteria” drop down arrow.

Spray Window - Wind direction

In the example above, the user set the Wind Direction to exclude any time where the wind was out of the north, and also had a certain amount of hours set in the Rain Free Time.

Additional updates

When viewing a Field Card, the user can click the Precipitation amounts to view the Past 24 hours of precipitation and the amount of precipitation since midnight.

The Field Card has also been updated to provide the user with a better visual cue when it has been selected. In the past, when a Field Card was clicked, the border only changed to a darker blue. Now, the Field Card becomes indented along with a color change to the border making it easier for the user to know which Field Card is being viewed.

Learn more by checking out Field Insights on your computer or mobile device today! 

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